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Building a Supply Chain & Procurement Community | Suuchi Podcast #094

September 17, 2020

In today's episode, Irina sits down with Michael Cadieux, Founder and CEO of the Procurement Foundry, a fully vetted practitioner-based community where procurement professionals could instantly and correctly source solutions from peers.
With more than 25 years of procurement and business experience, he is a sought-after resource within the Indirect Spend community and has spoken at numerous industry conferences and events. Before founding Procurement Foundry, he spent 17 years at Publicis Groupe, the second-largest advertising and communications firm in the industry. He was directly responsible for $2.4B of spending, from 65+ business units, and 27,000 employees within Publicis Groupe's holdings in the Americas.
Michael's time at Publicis Groupe exposed him to many of the common pain points for practitioners and executives in the procurement industry and the solutions. More often than not, solutions to common problems were forced to resolve by enlisting high-cost consulting firms' services. The process was both expensive and time-consuming, sometimes resulting in an ineffective solution.
Since its inception, Procurement Foundry has increased membership to over 3,000 practitioners in 63 countries, started its own series of conferences and webinars on both the Direct and Indirect sides of procurement, and has released two independent salary and compensation surveys to industry acclaim.
In addition to discussing how Procurement Foundry started, Michael also touches on issues that supply chain and procurement professionals face today. He also gives his thoughts on the pandemic and the positive and negative impacts he and his membership have experienced over the last six months. We also get a peek into what is to come for Procurement Foundry as the organization grows. 


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