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Clothing Doesn’t Discriminate - Whitney Cathcart | Suuchi Podcast #082

April 16, 2020

On today’s episode, Irina sits down with Whitney Cathcart, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at 3DLOOK. 3DLOOK is a software company that uses body data to deliver hyper-personalized shopping experiences to consumers to help them find clothing that fits when online shopping. 
Before 3DLOOK, Whitney spent almost 30 years in the business side of fashion in various roles and companies. 3DLOOK was a life long dream so when the opportunity arose 4 years ago to be part of this startup she jumped on it. Whitney was excited to take an industry she was passionate about and bring it into the future.
She had been witnessing a change in commerce and social commerce; people were using their phones to shop and everything was just moving towards mobile and online. Whitney wanted to be part of a future that took an analog industry into the digital world she was seeing around her.
At 3DLOOK, there are two guiding principles: accuracy optimization and consumer experience. Although they’re a B2B business model, they’re always thinking of the consumer. Individuals just need to take a front and side photo and answer a couple of questions and then they can determine which is the best size. On the back end, the software takes the photos and simple answers and is able to derive 65 different measurements on the body to ensure the correct fit.
Embracing technology today is more important than ever for brands and retailers. Consumers are buying too many different sizes and brands need to deal with the returns which will now be higher than ever as online shopping is higher than ever before. An increase in return rates are detrimental to inventory and the environment. Using technology to create a better user experience can help the business succeed over the long term.

To learn more about 3DLOOK, check out their website at:

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