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Discussing the Effects on Supply Chain in Canada due to COVID-19 | Suuchi Podcast #093

August 28, 2020
On today’s episode, Irina sits down with Christina Wallaert, a 15 year veteran as a buyer for e-commerce, retail and loyalty rewards channels. She describes herself as a non-traditional buyer because she has worked in unique environments like buying merchandise for a grocery chain and a tv channel. Christina has bought for almost every category we can think of from electronics to kitchen and fashion accessories. She is also the creator and writer of a blog, Not A Shopaholic, which is dedicated to uncovering cool, unique products focusing on locally made items. 
In their discussion, Irina and Christina discuss changes to jobs in retail and supply chain as a result of COVID-19. Being that Christina is based in Canada, she brings a new perspective to our listeners. They further discuss how buyers will manage their business differently to adjust to the change in the economy and consumer shopping habits. We also get a glimpse into the Canadian retail landscape and what the fallout might be with retailers closing, jobs lost, and how that might impact consumer lifestyles and spending. 

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