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Everyone Needs a Voice, not Just a Seat at the Table | Suuchi Podcast #101

January 7, 2021
In today’s episode, Irina sits down with Olga Wasow-Patten. Olga is an International Supply Chain Leader who is passionate about improving companies' success, creating a positive collaborative environment for the team members, and bringing harmony to the end-to-end supply chain.
She has 15 plus years of business consulting experience, combined with another 10 plus years in industry operator roles and diverse experience working in several countries (USA, Canada, Europe, and Brazil) and industries. This background has afforded her a unique business perspective that adds significant value to international and diverse companies.
Her greatest strengths match those needed for consistent growth and success and include building and implementing planning practices that enable executives' decision-making process: expertise in developing profitable partnerships and forging global strategic alliances.
Olga begins by discussing the supply chain's current importance for manufacturing companies and how to reset the business's supply chain organization. She also focuses on Integrated Business Execution (IBE), an approach that enables executives to make planning decisions. This decision making framework helps the company plan and focus the entire organization’s activities, so they are not siloed and work together seamlessly. Olga further talks about the best standards to access supply chain performance and modern skills and expertise required in the supply chain.

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