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How Retailers can Manage the Supply Chain Challenges of Today | Suuchi Podcast #097

October 29, 2020

In today’s episode, Irina sits down with Timothy Harris. Tim is an accomplished leader and developer of people.  He retired from Walmart last fall as a Divisional Vice President of Supply Chain.  In 27+ years at Walmart, Tim worked his way through the organization, helping people become successful in their careers.  As a leader, he recognized his success was directly linked to the people he supported.  He values continuous education and delights in helping people reach their full potential.  

Their discussion was centered around supply chain challenges facing big-box retailers. Also, they discussed how e-commerce could most effectively be used as an omnichannel for these companies. Through the years, Tim has seen many changes to supply chain management. He shares his challenges, how things have evolved, and where there are still opportunities for improvement. 


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