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If Necessity is the Mother of Invention, then Adversity is Surely the Father | Suuchi Podcast #095

October 1, 2020
On today’s podcast, Irina sits down with Gaurav Taneja, a seasoned Procurement and Supply chain expert and senior executive based in Toronto, Canada. He has been involved in driving transformations of Procurement and broader supply chain activities in several challenging and diverse business environments and several industries. Gaurav has worked in cross-cultural teams across India, the USA, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom.

In the past few years, he has dedicated his services as a trusted advisor to C-Suite in global strategic sourcing, mid/tail spend management, and strategic procurement roadmap, including policymaking and negotiations. His clients include CPO's/CFO's in Fortune 500/1000 companies within the USA and Canada. He is trusted in delivering values in the most challenging environments, including a pandemic.

He is passionate about all topics related to Supply Chain. He strives for continuous improvement and creating change for the betterment of organizations and society.  

During their conversation, Irina and Gaurav discuss the post-COVID-19 supply chain impact, evolution of supply chain management, and the type of companies that are still struggling and what they can do to solve for it. 

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