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Innovative Supply Chain & Materials Development Consultant for Brands of All Sizes - Pearl Malikul | Suuchi Podcast #088

May 28, 2020

On today’s episode, Irina sits down with Pearl Malikul, founder and consultant at Knit & Weave, a consulting company that provides solutions for product innovations, supply chain management, and material developments. Pearl works with both large and small organizations with challenging projects to create strategic processes and design new innovations.

Pearl has always been interested in fashion and apparel design and textile innovation. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Textile Development and Marketing and her career developed with roles at Hanes, Calvin Klein, PVH, and Victoria’s Secret. Throughout her career, she played a critical role in the development and sourcing of the raw material as well as innovative materials strategy. As part of her roles, she has also been instrumental in creating efficiencies within the supply chain as well as finding sustainable supply chain participants.

Issues she identifies within the current fashion supply chain include a lack of transparency. She advises brands on the importance of knowing who you’re working with and who your suppliers are. She also believes in having domestic supply chain partners. You need to have a diversified network to ensure success. Lastly, sustainability has become increasingly more important to so many brands and is another critical piece that needs to explored within your current supply chain.

Peal works with many brands of different sizes and especially focuses on the materials sourcing and development aspect of garments. She could be a great resource for a brand looking to be more sustainable but wants an expert to help navigate what that means, or for a larger brand looking for expertise in materials design and innovation for new products.


If you're looking for solutions in your supply chain, whether it be developing and producing new products or implementing technology into your process for greater visibility and smarter decision-making, you can find out more information below:

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