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Supply Chain Secrets Revealed | Suuchi Podcast #107

March 25, 2021
In today’s episode, Irina sits down with Rob O’Byrne. Rob is an expert in all aspects of supply chain and logistics, with 42 years of experience in managing, advising, and teaching on the topic. He is a go-to person on all aspects of the supply chain and is sought after for comments on TV, radio, and print media.
Rob is the Founder and CEO of Consulting Firm Logistics Bureau and has advised Top 500 companies across 25 countries. He is recognized as a thought leader and passionate speaker on all aspects of the supply Chain and received the 2018 Industry Excellence Award Winner for his contribution to the supply chain industry. 
Rob has personally led projects that have delivered millions in bottom-line savings and improved customer service levels. A core value of Rob’s businesses is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with a proportion of all profits going to a range of charities around the world, particularly in Australia, Asia, and Africa. Rob also founded and funds a social enterprise in the Philippines called Virtual Done Well that provides admin support staff to help small business owners grow, with any profits being used to support local employment, education, and feeding programs. 
His passion for knowledge sharing is quite apparent as he runs 4 YouTube channels plus a weekly blog. He has released a series of books on Logistics and supply chain called “Supply Chain Secrets” to help Australian businesses be more competitive, which you can find at
Rob and Irina discussed some of the near-term and long-term issues in the retail space today. They also discuss the future of brick and mortar retailers and what they need to do to survive. Also, they touched on the supply chain of the future and how cost, onshoring, and diversification of vendors will play a role in what that looks like. 

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