The Suuchi Podcast

Suuchi’s Message Around Coronavirus | Suuchi Podcast Bonus Episode

March 12, 2020

Hey everyone, today's episode is not your typical interview. In this segment, Emanuel sits down with our Founder & CEO, Suuchi Ramesh, to talk about what we're doing to help our team, partners, and clients to mitigate risk throughout this pandemic. She also goes into what we do for those of you that aren't fully aware of what Suuchi Inc. does. How we solve issues like this with our platform.

We've been fortunate with the location of our supply chain being in the Western Hemisphere, but we're prepared to go through this with you, create that much needed digital supply chain that will help when not if, this happens again.

The email to get in touch with our team is and we're ready to bring your supply chain closer to home! Stay safe and tune in next week for a full episode!

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