The Suuchi Podcast

The 100th Episode | Suuchi Podcast #100

December 10, 2020
On today’s podcast episode, Irina sits down with the entire executive team at Suuchi Inc. to discuss their 2020 most memorable moments as well as what they’re most excited about in 2021. In addition to Irina, the VP of Marketing, she is joined with:
  • Suuchi Ramesh, CEO & Founder
  • Mark Herman, CFO
  • Tommy Bardinas, SVP of Technology 
  • Victor Cortes, SVP of Operations
  • Bobby Hamill, VP of Sales
  • Andrew McKenna, VP of Product
  • Donna Spillane, VP of Customer Success
  • Rich Schull, Controller
  • Ben Zucker, AVP of Sales 
Although 2020 has been a stormy year, the team identifies the silver linings across the organization and specifically their team. We are excited for 2021, and make sure to continue to follow our podcast for great content and interesting speakers!

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