The Suuchi Podcast

The Path to Building a Digital-First Brand - Emanuel Mercapidez | Suuchi Podcast *Bonus Episode*

November 26, 2019

Hey fellow brand owners! Thanks for joining us on today's bonus episode where we dive deep into what Suuchi Inc. really does and what the opportunity for you is. Nothing in this episode will be a hard sell, it'll only be something that educates you on an opportunity, process, and strategy to develop, build, and scale a brand with a technology-first mindset and strategy.


In today's talk, we cover the following topics:

  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • Why it's important to you (the brand/retailer)
  • How you can implement
  • Differences between custom development versus white label
  • How technology connects the entire process
  • The different paths to explore for your brand

With that said, enjoy the episode and if you are interested in watching this webinar so you get access to the visuals within the presentation, see the link below:

Keep crushing it fellow hustlers! See you on the next episode.