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The Suuchi GRID - Andrew McKenna (VP of Product) | Suuchi Podcast #065

January 3, 2020

On today’s episode, Irina and Emanuel sit down with our VP of Product, Andrew McKenna, who heads up the product side of our tech platform, the Suuchi GRID. Andrew comes with a wealth of experience in the fintech space, where he took previously antiquated processes, digitized them, and helped his teams generate new sources of revenue and data. This talk is meant to share with you areas that you can implement tech for your brand that will help you succeed in the years to come! Especially in this digital era that we live in.

Throughout this talk, we cover some of the following topics:

  • What exactly is the Suuchi GRID?
  • Realworld use cases of the Suuchi GRID for:
    • Manufacturers
    • Retailers
    • Large brands
    • And emerging brands
  • The growing network and how brands can leverage it
  • User journeys
  • And more!

We hope you enjoyed today's episode and if you want to learn more about the Suuchi GRID and our process, please visit and become a DIGITAL-FIRST BRAND!

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