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Fashion Photography - Robert Wilde | Suuchi Podcast #031

December 7, 2018

On our longest episode yet, we have fashion photographer, filmmaker, writer and entrepreneur, Robert Wilde. Robert discusses how all of his many roles connect and help him grow in his various crafts. He shares his insights on the importance of building the relationship between his clients and their projects to help him better capture the entire essence of the brand. He also shares advice to find your own "language" when it comes to photography, or anything creative, to establish who you are. Robert and Emanuel also talk about the importance of sound and how imperative it is to respect copyright for yourself and your clients.

Robert discusses the two ways to get yourself out there: 1. traditional advertising and 2. pursuing your passions with love. He ties this into how you need to "break through the noise" of everyone else around you to get your message out there. Robert and Emanuel discuss how the idea of "branding" needs to shift more towards building your brand's "image". If you're looking for some inspiration to build your brand's image, this is the episode for you!

You can find Robert's work here:

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