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Ins-and-Outs of Fashion - Zoe Hong (YouTuber) | Suuchi Podcast #033

January 4, 2019

Happy New Year! Our first podcast of 2019 features Zoe Hong, a teacher and YouTuber dedicated to helping fashion designers know the ins and outs of the industry. Zoe's love for fashion started young and followed her throughout her life. After being asked if she was willing to teach other fashion lovers, she eventually dedicated herself to teaching fellow fashion lovers  Dedicated to her love for teaching, Zoe realized that she could not fit all of the information she wanted to share into one semester. She found that there wasn't enough time in the curriculum to teach her students everything she wanted to and found her niche in YouTube by bridging the gap between fashion business and fashion design. From her videos on YouTube, she has been able to also create freelance opportunities for herself where she consults with people who are thinking of starting their own companies. Zoe walks Emanuel and our listeners through the steps of how her consulting services work from start to finish.


Zoe reminds our listeners that when you're hustling to launch your line there is never nothing to do! She talks about how you can be constantly hyping up your brand to create your own success. Zoe encourages our listeners to "dream big and write realistically"-- always aim for what you want to do, but write out the steps in a way that allows you to achieve them successfully. She also talks on how she has been able to grow her YouTube audience to 140,000+ and the steps she took to achieve that growth. She advises to not fixate on the numbers and put out content that you know is filling a void and engaging. Zoe shares some of her upcoming projects such as her own book, workbook and classes.

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