The Suuchi Podcast

Queen of Raw - Stephanie Benedetto | Suuchi Podcast #036

February 15, 2019

On this week’s episode of The Suuchi Podcast, we have Stephanie Benedetto aka the Queen of Raw! Queen of Raw is a platform for businesses to buy and sell their unused raw materials and track the waste in their supply chains. Stephanie’s family has been in the fashion and textile industries for over 100 years, so it was a natural transition for her into this business. Before starting Queen of Raw, Stephanie was a corporate lawyer who had spent some time on Wall Street and was exposed to greed and excess at its worst. After seeing this, she took the basics of the business her great grandfather started all of those years ago and is now looking to see how incorporating technology can continue to revolutionize it. While she did not see as much success with a previous venture, in just a few months Queen of Raw has saved over 1 billion gallons of water. She also walks our listeners through exactly how Queen of Raw works and how blockchain has helped them create this revolutionary platform.


Stephanie reminds our listeners that you cannot let people who don’t understand your vision discourage you from pursuing your vision and making it happen. She shares that she has always trusted her gut instinct and by doing that she has found the most success. She also encourages our listeners to apply for any award or contest that can help create networking, press, and investment opportunities to amplify your story. Stephanie ends the interview by telling our listeners to never shoot down any of your ideas because the longer you work on it, the better it’ll get.

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