The Suuchi Podcast

AR and VR - Beck Besecker | Suuchi Podcast #037

March 16, 2019

Today's episode is a story about innovation, hard work, keeping your eyes open for opportunities to solve problems, and how this company is impacting the way you & I shop and engage with retailers. Marxent is a fast growing company and we're excited to see them continue to expand into different verticals over the coming years.

It was a pleasure listening to the way Beck thinks about business & life in general. Learn the way a successful entrepreneur thinks & implement anything you find helpful into your business or day-to-day routine. 

In this episode, we learn Beck's story, which includes previous startups, how Marxent was founded, and where we see AR and VR going in the coming years. As a brand, you always need to think about ways to create new experiences for your customers, whether that be through tech or in-store (or both). The future is coming & your brand needs to be prepared in order to thrive in the coming years.

Go make it happen fellow brand owners!


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