The Suuchi Podcast

Building a Fashion Brand - Jason Bunin | Suuchi Podcast #038

April 9, 2019

Welcome to our new series within the Suuchi Podcast where we discuss the Trials & Tribulations of Building a Brand. Launching a brand is a huge undertaking & we're here to help you navigate through it. On today's episode, we sit down with Jason Bunin, a veteran in the fashion world that's also Suuchi Inc.'s Creative Director. We discuss merchandising a product or collection, what happens when you design your own assets, the sourcing process and what to be prepared for, the hidden costs of building a brand, "Made in USA" versus overseas, and lastly we'll end with some tips for you fellow brand owners and hustlers. 

Enjoy today's episode & get ready for some exciting interviews to come! As a fast growing company, we're here to help you guys find a way to create your dream lives! Keep kicking ass & believing in your dreams. Just make sure you're ready to put in the work to make them happen.