The Suuchi Podcast

Taking Risks & Building Your Brand - Andrew Brodick | Suuchi Podcast Ep. #029

November 23, 2018

On Emanuel’s first episode of The Suuchi Podcast, we have the co-founder of Freenote, Andrew Brodrick. Andrew breaks down his journey in the fashion industry and the steps that led him to starting his own company with his older brother, Matt. Andrew and Emanuel discuss why it’s important to take risks and learn as many skills as you can from every job that you take. Andrew reminds our listeners that you have to understand all aspects of your business, even the not so glamorous aspects, in order to have success. They emphasize how anyone can start a brand on their own if they are willing to learn and commit to what it takes (remember: YouTube is the best way to learn anything for free).

Andrew shares some of the struggles that he faced when Freenote launched and how how they were able to move past those initial hurdles in order to gain acceptance in the industry. He also discusses what the first year of business looks like when you first launch your brand and the questions that arise within those first few months. They also discuss how transparency and authenticity are huge factors in garnering any success. Andrew discusses how being a Made in the USA brand allows for them to keep their products at the highest quality. Check out Freenote: