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Transforming Textile Innovation - Courtney Cruzan | Suuchi Podcast #086

April 30, 2020
On today's episode, Irina talks with Courtney Cruzan, the VP of Sourcing and Product Development at brrr, an innovative textile company in the performance space.  
From a young age, Courtney was always exposed to textiles, since her mother was in the business. As she got older, she got her Bachelor of Science in textile design followed by an MBA in textile trade policy. In 2010, Courtney moved to Asia and spent 7 years working in textile manufacturing. 
When she came back to the US, Courtney wanted to maintain her contacts in Asia, specifically in Taiwan which is a leader in textile innovation in the performance space, and started working at brrr. 
Courtney has found that these are unprecedented times in the fashion industry. There is a shift from fast fashion economies to more sustainable and made to order production. Adding more performance attributes to textiles is what the market needs and is asking for now.  
The impetus for founding brr in 2014 was based on the need for a technology that would be inherent in the yarn to provide proven cooling, wicking and quick drying performance. 
In today's market, what we typically find is that the majority of all cooling properties are a form of wicking and the finishing is a topical chemical that provides the wicking properties. What brrr wanted to look at was to move away from the additives of chemicals and still create permanent performance textile.  
They extrude natural minerals into the filament yarn and have proven what they call their "triple chill effect." This triple chill effect is that the fabric is cool to the touch, has active wicking properties and is rapid drying to deliver a fresh and crisp experience. Lastly, the majority of their yarns naturally repel UV rays and one of the minerals they use also has antimicrobial properties. Because the triple chill effect is inherent in the yarn, it can be washed without any change to the features of the textile. This can be used in performance clothing as well as home goods.  
For more information, feel free to check out their website or reach out to their licensing department if you're interested in using this for your own projects! 

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