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From $100M to Bankrupt to Making It Back - David Meltzer | Suuchi Podcast #083

April 17, 2020

In this episode, Emanuel talks 1-on-1 with David Meltzer, the Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing to learn how he went from being worth over $100M by the age of 35 to losing it all, filing bankruptcy, and making it all back again through a combination of massive amounts of efficient action, focus, and a transformative spiritual journey that helped him better understand his priorities. His story is truly an extraordinary one, but he comes from humble beginnings that many of us can relate to. Make sure to pay attention to how he prioritizes his efforts, what he's focused on, and how he's been able to regain tremendous success by changing his mindset and focusing on a few principles to live his life.

David is also a best-selling author (books below), a renowned keynote speaker, and a business coach that's determined to help 1 billion people throughout his lifetime. He wasn't always like this so tune in to learn what sparked his change and how he's impacting others.

We also talk about how this pandemic is an opportunity, almost like a do-over, to really look at everything at hand and accelerate and grow at a much more rapid and positive pace. We discuss how to analyze yourself, find your strengths and weaknesses, and really be able to go all-in on your passions while making a positive impact to the outside world. If you're in a tight spot right now, check out this episode because maybe something that David says during this interview will spark that next move that you need to make in order to evolve your business. 

To learn more about David, you can find him at the following:

If you're looking for solutions in your supply chain, whether it be developing and producing new products or implementing technology into your process for greater visibility and smarter decision-making, you can find out more information below:

Stay safe out there and thanks again for tuning in!

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