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Now is Not the Time to Stop - Stephen Rector | Suuchi COVID-19 Coverage

April 1, 2020

On this special edition of the Suuchi Podcast, Irina sits down with Stephen Rector, Global Retail Consultant and CEO of Bakertown Consulting. Stephen focuses his comments on what brands can do during this time of crisis. The key point that he emphasizes throughout the discussion is that this is not the time to pause. Brands need to use this time to strengthen their online presence, customer experience and digitize by implementing necessary technology. Once this pandemic is behind us, having a strong tech stack to help manage the supply chain and an effective customer experience strategy will be differentiators among competitors. The world around us will change at record speeds in terms of how consumers purchase goods. Brands and retailers need to be prepared to service their customer base accordingly and working on that strategy now is what will set them up for success.


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