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The Evolving Definition of Supply Chain | Suuchi Podcast #099

November 25, 2020
In today’s episode, Irina sits down with Orla Lucey. Orla is an Operations & Supply Chain Executive for technology companies based in the SF Bay Area and has successfully led cross-functional teams within the consumer electronics industry. A global professional, she began her career in Ireland before relocating to the United States and then Singapore. She is now based on the West coast of the United States. She believes that being able to experience many cultures has enabled her to thrive within global organizations. Orla is currently the VP of Supply Chain Operations at Latch. 
Orla shares her thoughts on what supply chain professionals need to do to have a better working relationship with vendor partners. She also discusses how companies need to evolve their definition of "supply chain" as their companies grow. There are different processes and focuses for startups versus enterprise businesses, and readjusting needs and priorities is critical to maintaining steady growth. She also talks about demand planning, which she feels is an undervalued focus at companies today. 

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